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Big Tick for the Ladies

Sunday night saw the Wycombe Ladies team (Katie and Helen, Anna and Hannah) taking up their racquets against Scots Hill. It was a comfortable start for Katie and Helen as they quickly settled into play and took their first rubber. Anna and Hannah had to work a bit harder, but still managed to take victory against what appeared to be Scots Hill's stronger pair.

Katie and Helen were moving together well and quickly started to dominate their second game, and notched another up win. It seemed Anna and Hannah were equally finding form and as they came off court for their second match, Beaconsfield were up 4-0.

And so to the split. Hannah and Helen paired up on one court whilst Katie and Anna took to the other. Each pair quickly settled and began a strong attack, which saw them ultimately take victory all round. An impressive 6-0 to Beaconsfield ladies team. A very BIG first for our ladies - very well done.

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