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Calendar Update

As a result of weather several matches had to be rescheduled, the club calendar has now been bought up to date, thanks to Claire for providing all the information. There has also been an update to the results tables which sees the Chalfont Mens sailing very high so far this season - well done guys. Our Ladies team are also doing well this season with several wins on the score sheet.

Whilst the Wycombe Mixed team has been doing well after last year's promotion, the Chalfont Mixed team have found themselves losing in some very close matches despite some very commited play - still a couple of matches to play which hopefully will see them remain in the current division.

There are now only a few more matches outstanding for this season for the club as a whole, so lets keep up the good work. And any Captain's who haven't passed on their team's results could you send them on to Helen so that she can up date the site.

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