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Club News

Pre-Season Training

Hoping to getting some coaching organised for Sunday 26th August. If you are interested can you contact Mike Smith as soon as possible. We do have a couple of Sunday's at the beginning of September which we could also utilise, but we can discuss at club night.

Membership Renewal

The new season is only just around the corner and we need to establish our membership numbers. We continue to have interest from potential new members and therefore we periodically need to review our numbers to see if we have any space of these additional players.

Fees will remain the same as last season at £130 for full year or £100 for winter/spring season (September to April). Please let Mike Smith know as soon as possible if you wish to renew membership.

If you are someone interested in joining the Club please complete send details or visit us on club night.

Summer Social

The big question - what are we going to do this summer, any suggestions campers?

New Club Kit

There's still time to add to the order for new club kit.

The new t-shirts will have the name of the club and your name on the back.

Please speak to Mike or send him an email putting in your request for kit

Summer Success

Well done everyone for last night's win - a great result to round off the summer season against a team that had only lost one to that point !

I've just checked the league tables and we were in 4th place, but only 2 points behind Park BC, as leaders, although 56 points behind in points difference. With our 2 points for a win last night and the points added to our totals, we've leap frogged everyone and I do believe we have won the league ! On top of that, our two summer cup pairs came 1st and 2nd on their days so I think we won that too !!

If these results are confirmed, it's been an amazingly successful campaign this summer, so thanks to you all for a great effort. A special thanks to Anne and Jen from Wooburn Monday who completed our teams. It's been great to have you play with us and I hope you enjoyed the games as much as our players say they did.

Enjoy the rest of your summers everyone - you've earned a long, relaxing, sunny break (he says with it pouring with rain outside !)

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