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Dodgy Knee and Hangovers?

Keeping their tremendous success so far this season going, the Wycombe Mens team notched up another victory on Wednesday's match against Dragons B. Shiv and Shub won all their three rubbers in pretty convincing style and set the stage for the other pairs. Mike and Chris had a much harder time, mainly owing to Mike's knee giving him touble, leaving all the work for Chris, and ultimately only took one of their three rubbers (although with Mike in full health it would have undoubtedly been all three).

Finally Andy and Elliot equally had a bit of a mountain to climb, especially as Elliot didn't seem to be up to his usual performance - possibly due to excesses the previous evening?! Despite coming close in one rubber, letting another run away before they had got into it, they did manage to come away with one win. And the overall score of 5-4 went Beaconsfield's way.

Well done guys!

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