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It just wasn't happening

The Chalfont Mixed team consisting of Lak, Anika, Keith, Serena, Andrew H and Helen took on HCA at the Hazlemere Community Centre on Friday 19th October.  It was promising to be a good evening of badminton - until the first shuttle was hit!  There was excellent support once again from Raj (thank you for writing the sorry scores down) and Adam who turned up in positive mood expecting great things - but unfortunately we didn't quite deliver.

The opposition were strong with most of their men being excellent smashers mixed with good cross court shots. Our Chalfont team had their work cut out, and despite fierce play by all (well almost all - you have to have read the in-house match report to find out more about that one!) and some very close scores, it just wasn't going to be our evening.

And so the overall result of 9-0 to HCA was a very frustrating score. Big thank you to all the team for their efforts on a Friday evening, and better luck next time when we meet them on our turf in December.

Next fixture is the Wycombe Ladies opening match which is on Sunday 21st October. Good luck girls, lets go for a win!

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