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Ladies Battle

After much coaching and encouragement from Mike, the Wycombe Ladies - Hannah, Anna, Katie and Helen - took up the challenge on Sunday 16th December playing against Bohemians who proved to be a strong opposition. Our ladies played really well together and there was plenty of good attacking and defensive play, although not always consist.  Helen and Katie notched up the first win after a nail biting rubber which went to 3 games leaving everyone on the edge of the seat when they came back from being 20-17 down to turn it around and win.

A second close match for Hannah and Anna also resulted in another 3 game rubber, but despite strong play by our pair, the result was a win to Bohemians. The opposition had a couple of extremely powerful and agile players who proved difficult to get anything past. The last game of the match saw Katie and Anna battling hard after the split and again another 3 game rubber which our ladies managed to win. The overall result was 4-2 to Bohemians. Great play by our ladies who can only continue to improve in the New Year. 

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