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Just bringing the results up to date for the last few matches. After a strong run by Chalfont Mixed, they had a close match against Chiltern Feathers which could have gone either way, unfortunately it went Chiltern Feathers way and resulted in a 5-4 loss. The Wycombe Mixed also had a less than satisfactory result against Isis which was equally close although the final score of 8-1 doesn't reflect that.

To cap it all the last three matches that Chalfont Men have played have resulted in losses across the board against strong opposition from Naphill, Isis and Raquateers.

It's not all bad news, because on December 8th the Wycombe Mixed team (Anika and Elliot, Chris and Katie, Mike and Jen) managed to secure a vital win against Bohemians 6-3. Well done.

Only a few more matches to play this side of Christmas, so good luck to those teams who are out.

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