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No Fireworks Tonight

The Chalfont Mixed team meeting up at Loudwater Boys Club on Monday 5th November were Andrew H and Helen, Keith and Ros and Baneesh and Julie. They were up against Wooburn Monday, a club that they have yet to beat.

And it would seem that it will stay that way until the next opportunity  to play (January 2013). There was some strong play particularly from Keith and Ros who came close in two of their rubbers which went to deciders, but each time the opposition just managed to take those vital final points.

Big thanks to Baneesh, who continued to play despite pulliing muscle in his leg just before the final rubber, and he and Julie insisted on taking that to a decider too. But once again Wooburn clinched the win. The only win of the evening for the Chalfont Mixed was taken by Andrew and Helen, who managed to stave off a complete whitewash.

The resultant 8-1 win to Wooburn does not reflect the level of play. Well done team, great effort.

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