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Summer Campaign

The Club has made an excellent start in this year's Summer League with a few matches already under our belt we are now in contention for the top of the league!

Summary of the latest match (Sun 15th June) against Racquets. We were significantly stronger than them in both our ladies and men's pairings, exposing their weaknesses early and over-coming them with little resistance. The mixed seemed to be their forte where they put up quite a fight, taking a couple of games in some tightly contested rubbers.  After what was a relatively easy start, there was definitely an element of 'foot off the gas' which allowed them more points than would normally be the case, but when it mattered, both our Beaconsfield pairs (Anika and Adam, Hannah and Mike) knuckled down to keep Racquets at bay. 

An overall win of 58 points which is our strongest win yet, places us second in the league. We currently lie in second place behind Hid Con Batman who have a game in hand. This unbeaten team is who we face next on Sunday, so a win for us there will really level the playing field !

Well done team on an increasingly successful summer campaign this year, long may it continue !

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