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Summer Success

Well done everyone for last night's win - a great result to round off the summer season against a team that had only lost one to that point !

I've just checked the league tables and we were in 4th place, but only 2 points behind Park BC, as leaders, although 56 points behind in points difference. With our 2 points for a win last night and the points added to our totals, we've leap frogged everyone and I do believe we have won the league ! On top of that, our two summer cup pairs came 1st and 2nd on their days so I think we won that too !!

If these results are confirmed, it's been an amazingly successful campaign this summer, so thanks to you all for a great effort. A special thanks to Anne and Jen from Wooburn Monday who completed our teams. It's been great to have you play with us and I hope you enjoyed the games as much as our players say they did.

Enjoy the rest of your summers everyone - you've earned a long, relaxing, sunny break (he says with it pouring with rain outside !)

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