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Wycombe Mens and Chalfont Mixed Results

Last Wednesday whilst our ladies were up against their nemesis, so were our men playing against Reading & County who are a very strong opposition. The talent and youth of Shiv and Shub certainly helped the team to stay focused throughout the match, and whilst there were clearly some close games, the overall score was 7-2 to Reading & County.  There's no doubt, however, that the team which included Mike, Chris M, Adam and Chris O along with the twins came away with more knowledge about how a re-match may go the other way. Bad luck guys.

There was also a match on Sunday for our Chalfont Mixed team consisting of Raj and Helen, Minu and Serena and James and Katie, who were playing All Saints in their "tunnel-like" church hall. The match was played in excellent spirit and could so easily have gone our way, except unfortunately Katie injured her ankle in the first rubber and was unable to continue which meant we conceded 3 rubbers straight away. Then Minu managed to pull a muscle in his back which meant that whilst he played his usual standard it was clearly not with ease. Overall the score was 6-3 to All Saints - could have been different with a fully fit team. Watch this space for the return match result....

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