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Wycombe Mixed have Mixed Success

There are a couple of results to report from the Wycombe Mixed teams. The first was from 2nd December against Isis A where Hannah, Mike, Claire, Andy, Anika and Lak took to the court at the Wycombe Badminton Centre to see if they could maintain there run of success. Whilst Mike and Hannah had a bit of a wobbly start, they soon settled in and took their rubbers. Anika and Lak fought hard to try and win their games, but every time Isis upped their game and just kept take the last few points to win. A similar fate fell to Andy and Claire despite their best efforts. And eventually the match went to Isis 6-3.

The Wycombe Mixed were out again the following Thursday (6th December) taking on East Berks at Newlands in Maidenhead. This time the team consisted of Mike, Hannah, Adam, Jen, Chris M and Katie. Adam and Jen continue to be their strongest pair and although they dropped one game, they retained the rubber and went onto win all 3. Mike and Hannah looked as if they were going to win all their games, but it didn't quite managed it and notched up only 2 wins. Chris and Katie's fortunes were not so favourable after a rushed first game which they lost, the second rubber whilst much tighter just slipped through their fingers. The third rubber did go Chris and Katie's way, and eventually the team managed to add another win to this season's results of 6-3 to Beaconsfield.

Keep it coming guys, and we look forward to more of the same in 2013. Next match is for the Chalfont Mixed on Sunday 9th December - so good luck to that team.

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